How to add a Signature to your Blog Posts

I am going to attempt to write a Blog Designing Tutorial every Sunday. and I do say, attempt.
How to add a signature to your blog posts.

And how to get it show up on your posts automatically.

1. Make your signature using your favorite Photo Editor. I use Photoshop. But if you do not have photoshop you can use PicMonkey.  I believe that the standard size for a signature should be at least 200×70. Not too big but not too small.
2. Upload your signature picture to your favorite image host. I use to host all of my images.
3. Copy the direct link of the image and paste it within this code: *Replace only the part that is highlighted in yellow “YOUR IMAGE URL“. Do not remove quotations.
<img class="left" alt="post signature" src="YOUR-IMAGE-URL">
Should look like this:
<img alt="post signature" src="" />
4. Log in to your blogger account (if you haven’t already) and go to “Settings”.  Under “Settings” click on “Posts and Comments”. In the box that says “Post Template”, paste the above code with image url in the box. If you want the signature to be centered, just simply add the center tags.

< <center><img alt="post signature"src="" /></center>

5.  Then click on “Save Settings” at the top.
6. Please Note: The signature will not show up on previous posts but on future post that you draft.
Happy Blog Designing!
ps: If you have any trouble or questions, please leave a comment below.
  • Gemma

    Thank goodness I found this! Much easier than messing around with my blog html and editing things in there :/. Followed your tips after I’d got my signature ready and everything has worked! Thanks again :).

    Gem x

  • Pati Clark

    Me too How do I get rid of the box ????

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  • Raven

    I have my signature and everything worked out fine. The only question i have is that when i publish my post, my signature has a box around it. How do i get rid of the box?

    • Pati Clark

      Did you figure it out? I have a box too

    • Simone Lewis

      if you made it in Pic Monkey set your canvas to transparent and it should go away.

  • The Small Things Of Life

    Thank you so much i have tried so many things and this one is the only one I got to work!!! :-)

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  • Shea Caithaml

    I must be doing something wrong, it is not working for me, keeps saying Tag is broken. I uploaded my signature image to photo bucket and coped the direct link. I think I am confusing myself on your #3 instructions…

  • The Makeup Chiq

    got this spot on.thank you.

  • marynewman

    I’m not sure why it’s not working for me? Your sample above is confusing because the first one ends with “> and the 2nd one has a slash at the end. I tried both and neither are working so not sure what I am doing wrong?? Booo!
    img class=”left” alt=”post signature” src=”YOUR-IMAGE-URL”>
    Should look like this:

    • marynewman

      Ok I messed around with it and finally got it to work! Thank you! Still confused if that slash makes a difference or not!

      • Pati Clark

        Did you get a box around your signature ? How do you get rid of the box ?

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  • Nur A’isyah Yusof

    thank you for this simple tutorial. it’s time to put my infamous sign in my blog ahahah.

    • Pati Clark

      how did you do it without having a box around your signature ???

  • Hri Bernard

    Thanks for this post. It’s so easy to understand.

  • Cathrine Mae

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  • Jacki E

    This tutorial is GREAT! Very helpful.

    Only question I have — How do I remove the background from the photo? I used picmonkey to create it and made sure I made the background transparent, but that didn’t seem to work :( Any suggestions?

    • Pati Clark

      Me too did you figure this out? How do you remove the box?

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  • Jill Williams

    I was able to make my signature and get it to post and it’s transparent. However, there is a thin black border around the signature. It doesn’t appear to be in the picture on pic monkey but when I actually preview the post in my blog, it appears. How can I remove that? Thanks!

  • Rosie

    Thanks so much I have just done it hopefully it will work on my next blogpost.

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  • Lisa McClintock

    Is there any way to get the signature on older posts as well?

  • Crystal Gulliver

    Hey, I uploaded my signature but it’s coming out huge?! I used the proportion sizes you said! Pleeeease and thank you in advance!

  • soworkweekchic by Shawna Walke

    Best description of this so far, thanks a million!

  • Author D A Charles

    AmyLeanne, when you save an image to photobucket, the direct link will be available for you to post to various forms of social media.

  • AmyLeanne

    Hey! thank you for the post! but im not sure where to get the direct link from

  • LuckySevenTen

    This is great, thanks Rekita!

  • Hannah Davis

    :( Don’t know what I did wrong. Very new to blogging and was trying to get my signature in quick for my very first post. Got it to work, but it has a white background. I chose transparent on PicMonkey for the background color, but when it translated over it didn’t stay transparent. Any help would be appreciated!!

    • Damjana@ ApplegreenCottage


      I know why. If you want to retain the transparent background in your signature, you need to save it as a png file (not jpg) – I am guessing you saved it as jpg, and jpg gives you a white background. I this helpful?

  • Alyssa Gorraiz

    I happened to find this post over on Pinterest, after reading through what seemed like every single post on signatures. I am BRAND new to blogging, I’ve been building my own website over the past year but am new to Blogger. Just wanted to say thank you to you for making this simple and easy to understand! I had just about given up! LOL, thanks and I’d like to post a link to this page for others who may want to know how to do the same :)

  • Holly Nelson

    Thank you so much for this! I am so glad that people like you exist to teach us the secrets!

  • Louise Sutton

    It worked! Yay! Happy dance!

  • Amber Willoughby

    Thank you for your tutorial…I am just getting started with a blog for my classroom so I am still new at this. I was wondering if you could please help me with my image/signature coming up as a blue box with a question mark. I’ve uploaded my image to my hosting site (dropbox) and am not sure if I am putting in the correct link or not.

    Thanks for any help you can give me. :)

    • Amber Willoughby

      Nevermind…after some more web research I found my answer: I had to replace with

  • Ronnie Michelle Eyre

    Finally! Thank you so much for showing us how to do this! Huge help!

  • Alannah Jackson

    Awesome thank you! Just wondering, is there a way to have the signature appear a few lines below where you start typing? When I went to write a new blog post, I start typing beside the signature. How do you edit html to make the signature start three or so lines below where you start typing?

    • Rekita Nicole

      you have to either click before it or when you type next to it press enter.

    • Caroline U

      I had that problem so I went back to the box where I’d just typed and put a couple of lines before it with (no spaces) in it and I was able to get the text in before without any problems (as far as I can see)

    • Damjana@ ApplegreenCottage

      you just add several of these (line break signs)

      just above the signature code when entering it into the “Settings/Posts and comments” (see last picture above). Each of them gives you one empty line above the signature. It’s easier to start typing this way, I have done it too. Was this any help to you?

  • Afton Warrick

    Thank you so much. I’ve sought out a tutorial to do this, but all the others I tried did not work. This was easy to follow, and did the trick. You will be saving me so much time!

  • Eleni MacFarlaine

    Thanks so much, helped me loads. Considered paying(!) for a layout before I saw your blog.


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  • Elyssa Baity

    Hi! Thanks for the tutorial! Quick question though: How do I remove the thin white border around my signature? My blog’s background is chalkboard/gray, so I made sure to create the background of my signature to be transparent, but somehow there’s still a white line around it. Not sure how to fix that. If you need to see it to figure out what I mean, you can see it in this post:

    Thanks for your help!

  • Sarita Persad

    Thank you for sharing this. The centering didn’t work but this was the only article like this that allowed me to place the signature in.

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  • CatwalkChic

    This is awesome!! Thanks!

    • Atiqur Sumon

      This is awesome for what ?

      • CatwalkChic

        awesome to share this tip….what do you mean??

        • Rekita Nicole

          yes I wonder what he meant.

  • vacumecleaner

    stuff of the blogs!! That has amazed me.

  • Erin

    Hi Rekita,
    I am having problems as well. I followed all the steps and I just get the word “post . I have used this tutorial before and it worked fine. Today when I tried to update I came across this problem. can you please help?

    • Rekita | Her&Nicole

      Hello! when I changed over to wordpress the style of the quotation marks changed,. I ma trying to solve the problem now, in the meantime I would just retype all the quotation marks.

      • Erin

        Thank you so much for the tip, and your fast reply. Retyping the quotations worked

  • Daniela

    Hello, I wasn´t able to do this, and i followed all the steps on your tutorial. Can you help me please? :)

    • Rekita Nicole

      What happened when you followed the steps?

    • Rekita | Her&Nicole

      Hello! when I changed over to wordpress the style of the quotation marks changed,. I ma trying to solve the problem now. In the meantime, I would just retype all the quotation marks.

      • Daniela

        Okey thank you! i would really appreciate your help :) Im on blogger

  • Ashley Berry

    I don’t know if this just posted or not but I wanted to say thanks for posting this! It did take me a little bit of time to figure out what was wrong because I kept getting the broken picture image but it’s because my copied link from photobucket was entering an extra space in the code. It’s working now though and so cute!! I linked this and your homepage in my blog makeover post!

    • Rekita | Her&Nicole

      Oh you are so welcome! thanks so much for linking back!

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  • Atiqur Sumon

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  • Brie Street

    Hello there!! Thank you for the tutorial. It’s really simple to follow and now I have my own signature (which I just adore!).

  • Cassie Thompson

    Hey Rekita, I am having trouble getting my signature getting to show up right on my posts. All I’m getting is a broken image icon. Could it be my url? I use Flickr.

    • Rekita | Her&Nicole

      Yes it could be your URL. When you see the broken image symbol it usually means that image link is broken or it can’t be viewed as an image.

  • Britney

    This is so so awesome! Thank you sharing! I was just wondering though, how can I get this signature to appear on previous posts? Would I just place the picture into the blog post itself?

  • Katie Albury

    This was so helpful! Thank you so much for sharing, it took me only 5 minutes to do and I’m so chuffed with my jazzing new signature!

    Katie x

  • Princess Peach


    Thanks for the share, it’s really easy and helpful! But I still have some problems about this!
    I have set my image as .png, also add the codes below

    But, the shadow is still there. I was wondering is this because of the template I’ve used for my blog?
    If yes, is there anyway I could get rid of the shadow? Thanks a lot!

    My blog URL is

    • Rekita | Her&Nicole
      • Princess Peach

        Ha,Thanks for your prompt reply.
        But I do wanna keep the shadow for my post images, except my signature…
        Is there anyway I could do this? Thanks a lot!!

      • Hannah03246 .

        Thanks for this. Really helpful!

  • Kade Bailey

    ah Thank you!

  • Margaret Snider

    This was by far the easiest tutorial for a signature I have found online. Thanks for the help!

  • Lisa @ Ameliorer la Vie

    This was the third and most helpful tutorial I have read, so thank you for posting this!! I needed to add in my footer, and your instructions helped me with this.

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  • Hannah03246 .

    Thankyou for this! check out my blog at

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  • Amanda @ Marry Mint

    great tutorial! Thanks so much. I love having a nice signature :)

  • Amanda @ Marry Mint

    great tutorial! Thanks so much. I love having a nice signature :)

  • Chelsea Covington

    For some reason I can’t get it to work! :(

  • Chelsea Covington

    For some reason I can’t get it to work! :(

  • Elle Ortega

    thank you for the post! I’m new to blogging and this tutorial was easy and simple. I’ll definitely be following you for more :)

  • Elle Ortega

    thank you for the post! I’m new to blogging and this tutorial was easy and simple. I’ll definitely be following you for more :)

  • Jen (nai1chronic1es)

    Very easy tutorial to follow. Thank you!

  • Jen (nai1chronic1es)

    Very easy tutorial to follow. Thank you!

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  • Merete Sorum

    This was awesome! Thanks!

  • Shira S.

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  • Shira

    Helpful post! 😉

  • Rekita

    Just put the text not the image in the “post template” box.

  • Hossain Alagbari

    thanks this is help but i want to add text no image signature to my blog do you know how ? and thanks

  • Hossain Alagbari

    thanks this is help but i want to add text no image signature to my blog do you know how ? and thanks

    • Rekita | Her&Nicole

      Just put the text not the image in the “post template” box.

  • bellabell

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  • bellabell

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  • Leia Amidala

    How can i fix this?

  • Leia Amidala

    How can i fix this?

  • Rekita

    I’m not sure, I don’t have a WordPress blog.

  • Tanisha Lynne

    How do you add signatures for WordPress?

  • Tanisha

    How do you add signatures for WordPress?

    • Rekita | Her&Nicole

      I’m not sure, I don’t have a WordPress blog.

  • Meghan

    Thanks for the info, Rekita! This is really helpful.

  • rebecca haegele

    Yay, thanks. I just spent hours trying to do this and I did it in 2 secs with your code.

  • Petra

    Hi! Any tips on how I can get it to show without the edges? See here:

    My background is white and I used picmonkey to make a completely white background for the signature, but it still shows up with the ‘shadow lines’ around it? :)

  • Jessi Rich

    Thank you so much! I spent the last 2 hours trying to get my signature to work before I found your tutorial. So easy! I especially appreciate the fill in the blank boxes you created.

  • Samantha

    I am so glad your tutorial was #1 on google search results because it was so easy! Thank you.

  • Maddi

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    Thank you very much for this Great Tutorial

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    Thank you so much, I managed to finally figure out what I did wrong! I love this tutorial – so well explained and easy to follow xxxxx

  • Jade Wright

    I tried this and followed it step for step and I couldn’t seem to get it to work :( I don’t know why.
    Seems so easy and no one else is having problems – clearly I’m blonder than I originally thought!!!

  • Alyssa

    Just added to my blog, thanks for posting this!!!

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    I made one fine but theres a shadow behind the picture and it’s bugging me! :( thanks though

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  • Rachel C

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  • Trina Morgan

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    Thank you so much! I also have a lifestyle and beauty blog and I was looking for something like this! I’ll go fix this now! LOL Blessings! Heidi

  • Heidi –

    Thank you so much! I also have a lifestyle and beauty blog and I was looking for something like this! I’ll go fix this now! LOL Blessings! Heidi

  • Judy diyAddict

    Big big thank you for this Rekita. Now, I am going to check out your other tutorials.


  • Christina P.

    Thank you so much for this!

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    I have a question. Do you know how to remove the shadowing that is behind the picture once you have it as your signature. You can see how mine is on my page

  • Karla Kennedy

    I’m a nerd..I figured it out, Thanks :)

  • Karla Kennedy

    Im probably making this harder than it is buuut stuck on the first step haha. I went to picmonkey and don’t know how to make a signature from there…

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    Happy Monday!

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