Maintaining My Infant Daughter’s Hair

maintaining infant hair
My post about my maintaining my natural hair became popular overnight. Hair is a big freaking deal. But how do I take care of my daughter’s hair? I have had people ask me this question in grocery stores, “How does your baby hair look so soft and shiny?” I sometimes give them a strange look, because she hardly has any hair. However, I do believe a healthy hair routine starts at a very early age. Let’s be honest, ladies our locks are very important to us and why not let our daughters have the most healthiest and most beautiful hair possible!
maintaing my daughter's locks
I do not wash my daughter’s hair often. I maybe wash it at least once a week or if she just happens to spit up in her hair. However, when I bathe her, I just wipe her hair down with a wet washcloth or she will put water in her own hair  by splashing around. I never use soap in her hair, not even the Johnson’s head to toe wash. I think it is too harsh for her hair and causes it to dry out.  So when I do wash her hair, I use conditioner instead of shampoo. Shampoo can also strip your baby’s scalp natural oils and her hair will just seem dry or sometimes too greasy depending on her hair type.

So what hair products do I use for my daughter’s hair? 

Carol's Daughter Leave-in

Black Vanilla Moisture & Shine Leave-In Conditioner

I use the same products I use on my hair. So right after I finish washing my daughter’s hair, I use Carol’s Daughter Leave-in Conditioner on her hair.  It does contain some chemicals but it also contains some natural ingredients such as honeysuckles, sage, lavender, and the vitamin B5. It keeps her hair moisturized and her hair smells sooooo good!

SIlk Essentials by Design Essentials

Silk Essentials by Design Essentials

When I want her hair to sort of “lay down” for pictures or if we are going out somewhere I use Silk Essentials by Design Essentials. Just to give her hair a sleek look. It is an oil, but the oil is so light and her hair suck it up by the ned of day. Which is what you want it to do and not leave a greasy residue. Again, I use these same exact products on my hair.

maintaining infant's hair 2

All in all, I gotta keep my princess looking beautiful like her mommy. It’s all about keeping her hair healthy and moisturized. Shampoo will strip away those natural oils that scalp produces, so use that conditioner that specializes in moisturizing. I like to use leave-in conditioner, but that is just me. I’ve got hair care down, now we got to work on these little strange faces she makes!

Remember, every child’s hair is different and the routine and/or products may not work for your baby’s hair. You just have to see what works and what doesn’t. Mommy’s with young daughters, what do you use or what are your methods for maintaining their hair? 

– Rekita

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    So cute and grateful post.

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    How cute is she!!! OMG that last pic :D!!!

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    Great post! I have a 3 month old daughter and I was just wondering about what products to try for styling her curls without irritating her scalp. Will give some of these a whirl!

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      Let me know how it works for you!